MONTREAL, May 8, 2024 /CNW/ – Wealthica, the best financial aggregation platform in Canada and BlockSentry, a leading global tax crypto software company, is thrilled to announce a partnership. This strategic collaboration will empower users of both platforms to seamlessly integrate their crypto tax management with their overall financial portfolio tracking.

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With Wealthica’s comprehensive suite of tools for aggregating and monitoring investment accounts, coupled with BlockSentry’s robust crypto tax management solutions, users can now enjoy a holistic approach to managing their financial assets. This partnership marks a significant step forward in providing users with a unified platform to effortlessly track, manage, and optimize their wealth across traditional investments and cryptocurrency holdings.

“We are excited to partner with Wealthica to offer our users an enhanced experience in managing their financial portfolios,” says Desmoine West, CEO at BlockSentry. “By integrating BlockSentry’s crypto tax management capabilities with Wealthica’s wealth tracking platform, users can now access a comprehensive solution to streamline their financial management processes.”

“BlockSentry’s expertise in crypto tax management tools is an excellent addition to the suite of functionality that Wealthica users have access to,” stated Billy Kawasaki, General Manager at Wealthica. As crypto ownership continues to expand, reporting and managing crypto related taxes comes with its complexity. The BlockSentry power-up empowers users to seamlessly manage crypto tax reporting.”

Key Features of Wealthica’s New Tax Crypto add-on, BlockSentry:

Seamless Integration: BlockSentry seamlessly integrates with Wealthica’s platform, allowing users to effortlessly sync their crypto transactions and tax data with their existing financial accounts.

Comprehensive Crypto Tax Management: BlockSentry offers comprehensive crypto tax management solutions, including customizable tax analysis, form generation, and verifiable audit trails. This enables Wealthica users to accurately report their cryptocurrency holdings and transactions for tax purposes.

User-Friendly Interface: BlockSentry’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for Wealthica users to track and manage their cryptocurrency transactions, even if they have little to no experience with crypto tax reporting.

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About Wealthica:

Wealthica Financial Technology Inc. is a privately-owned firm specializing in empowering investors and financial advisors with a complete view of their financial data. Through the Wealthica dashboard app and Vezgo API, Wealthica serves more than 65 000 users and aggregates more than $39 billion dollars worth of assets, including crypto holdings, stocks and bonds, real estate, and more.  Wealthica supports more than 250 financial institutions including many cryptocurrency institutions.

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About BlockSentry:

BlockSentry is a leading SaaS provider specializing in financial, accounting and cryptocurrency tax solutions. Our proprietary technology empowers exchanges, wallets, CPA’s and individual users with comprehensive tools tailored to their specific crypto tax needs. With a meticulous, multijurisdictional approach to tax solution validation, we ensure reliability and compliance across diverse regulatory landscapes. Our commitment extends to crafting user-friendly software interfaces and automating tax generation processes, enabling businesses, organizations and taxpayers to streamline loss/gain tracking, transaction data management and reporting across the globe.  As a trusted third-party crypto tax verification solution, BlockSentry stands at the forefront of the industry, delivering efficiency and peace of mind to our valued clientele.

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