Types of Email Archiving

Potential users of email archiving systems have two choices:

1)   To purchase a system and implement it in-house, at your office or,

2)   To rent the service and facilities from an organisation that can support, implement and maintain the system on your behalf.

In-house email archiving

Large scale enterprises tend to have the facilities on-site as they have the capability to support and maintain their systems. They also tend to prefer to retain the element of control that a hosted solution does not provide.

Hosted email archiving

Hosted email archiving is of particular use to smaller companies who do not have access to technical expertise in order to support an email archiving solution. This has a number of benefits:

  • No need to have an internal IT Department or specialist personnel.
  • The system will be managed by a specialist supplier.
  • Can be more cost effective as hosted solutions tend to priced per user.
  • No ‘up front’ costs i.e. rather than having to purchase hardware and email archiving software the cost can be spread on a per month basis.