What is virtualisation?

Virtualisation allows a single computer to do the same function as multiple computers. It enables people to share a number of computers’ resources easily. It consolidates the processing power, memory and resources from many computers into one.

How does it work in practice?

It works by allowing the resources of under utilised computers to be used by over utilised computers, whilst appearing as one single computer.

Why do I need a virtualisation system?

It will depend on your circumstances. Historically, it would benefit organisations with many employees (100+) and with a large amount of servers.

Is it something that I can install myself?

This is a particularly complex and technical area and should only be carried out by professional personnel who have extensive knowledge in implementing and supporting such systems.

How do I find the right vendors and local partners?

Conjungo is a great starting point, because it will let you find the right supplier according to your location, company type, size and whether they have the right accreditations. Furthermore, Conjungo is completely unbiased, has most of the major vendors’ partners included and is supported by the vendors as well as being free to use.

Will my users notice that they are using a virtual system?

No it will be appear to be the same. The aim is to maximise resources and to not interfere with every day work routines and processes.

What is a virtual desktop or virtual PC?

A virtual desktop or virtual PC allows people to use the resources and computing power of other, under utilised, PCs.