The Future of Thin Computing

Like most business technologies, thin computing can help reduce costs. Another benefit is increased security. Rather than having desktops with sensitive data available to any person within an organisation, systems can be secured in an area where people can not gain access.

“Many companies that may use contracted help can have dozens of contractors come in and leave throughout the year,” said Mark Margevicius, Research Director at Gartner. “Client security eliminates the hunting down of critical data and information. There is no chance for data to disappear or be stolen.”

Thin computing works particularly well for organisations with a number of office locations. Having to send IT staff to remote sites to maintain PCs or fix problems is costly, and it also means that remote staff could be without the systems they need for some time.

With thin computing a faulty terminal can be easily unplugged, and a spare put in its place. This means the user can be up working again within a few minutes.