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, /PRNewswire/ — To extend the reach of original content, Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) and CATCHPLAY have announced a joint investment in SCREENWORKS Ltd. to create more original Taiwanese content for the international audience. The joint venture has a goal to increase the quantity and quality of entertainment content productions and to facilitate a platform for international collaboration, aiming to make a powerhouse for Asian original content.

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CATCHPLAY is the leading distributor for international movies in , with movies such as , and in its recent line-up. Its streaming service, CATCHPLAY+, is one of the few digital content services that have successfully expanded to international markets, having over 6 million users to date across operations in , , and . Employing more than a decade of experience in the content industry, CATCHPLAY has had a remarkable slate of film investments, including the financing of films , and director in addition to , a co-production with Korea’s CJ Entertainment. In 2019, CATCHPLAY, in partnership with Warner Media’s HBO Asia, took on the distribution of its first Taiwanese original drama series, , and saw the TV series become the most successful Mandarin-speaking series of the year.

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TAICCA Chairperson Hsiao-Ching TING states, “With a proprietary distribution network and experience investing in international productions, CATCHPLAY has been a long-term distributor of international films and television programs. Investing in the development of Taiwanese films, TAICCA hopes to leverage CATCHPLAY’s international distribution channels and reverse long-standing trends by exporting -produced films overseas, resonating with the agency’s “internationalization” and “brand creation” strategies TAICCA looks forward to working with CATCHPLAY to establish a foundation for original content from to integrate with the global market, empowering to become an influential contributor of original content around the globe.


“We used to play by the rules of international content industry rules to bring good international content to the Taiwanese audience. Now, it’s time to leverage our experience from the international market to bring original works to the world,” said CATCHPLAY CEO Daphne YANG, “It’s an honor that TAICCA favors this concept and our team’s capability. We hope that this partnership can help the Taiwanese film and television industry build a new platform in line with international standards.”


The main focus of SCREENWORKS will be producing and distributing premium Taiwanese original entertainment content targeting international audiences. SCREENWORKS selects various topics of international interest for development, focusing mainly on movies, mini-series, and factual entertainment for theatrical releases, TV, or streaming services with creating diversified, cross-industry global IP as its long-term goal.

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The first SCREENWORKS project announced is the sequel to one of the most successful Mandarin-speaking drama series of 2019,  and were named the top two Mandarin-speaking shows of 2019, rated 8.6 and 9.2 respectively on IMDb, the leading international content rating service, and reached many hundreds of millions of viewers in and all over the world. Both shows were from and introduced to streamers on CATCHPLAY+. Five more projects have also been announced by SCREENWORKS with principal photography for two of them kicking off this summer.

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Since its establishment last year, TAICCA has endeavored to work on IPs with outstanding potential to facilitate their development. Among them, the martial art short film, by cutting-edge director Yi LIU, the winning project selected at the end of last year by the Taipei Golden Horse Film Project Promotion, has seen its development accelerated through a TAICCA-established platform and participated in the IP Showcase at this year’s European Film Market in . SCREENWORKS will also develop a TV drama and movie of the same name, creating a stage for the content industry and creators to leap into the international market.

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TAICCA utilizes the Development Fund to invest in diversified industries and fill in industry gaps, systematically constructing an ecosystem for films with -related content. TAICCA will continue to collaborate with the government and private sector to welcome additional co-investors for the promotion and development of cultural content industry. »

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