BANGKOK, Sept. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Cloud-native architectures have become the main standard for application development at enterprises worldwide. Cloud-native architectures improve the development, scalability and maintainability of software applications, enabling the applications to be deployed instantly in hybrid multicloud environments.

Huawei Cloud, a leading cloud service provider in the global market, joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to hold the Cloud Native Tech Summit Thailand 2023 in Thailand under the theme “Great minds discuss cloud native”, with an aim of providing updates on the latest trends in cloud architectures and related services that will help enterprises develop applications and AI that are more practical and capable of responding to their needs than ever before.

Huawei Cloud Continues to Grow, Thailand Still Seen as Very Important Market 

Huawei Cloud has continued to grow in recent years and saw remarkably rapid growth in 2023. It currently has more than 300 Thai partners, making Thailand one of Huawei Cloud’s most important markets. Huawei Cloud’s strategies for the future are as follows:

Celine Cao, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Cloud Thailand

  1. Prioritizing its local strategy in Thailand by being the first global cloud service provider with a data center in Thailand.
  2. Continuing to launch new services in Thailand, including database, AI and other services, enabling Thailand to utilize Huawei’s latest innovations as soon as they are made available. There have been many interesting use cases around the world; for example, the Pangu AI Model has been introduced in Thailand.
  3. Building a Cloud Ecosystem in Thailand by providing support to Thai developers as much as possible.

At the global level, Huawei Cloud wishes to grow together with the ecosystem, which is why it has partnered with the CNCF to jointly push for the development of new technologies. Software developers in Thailand can build on those technologies and further develop them in the future.

Surasak Wanichwatphibun, Chief Technology Officer of Huawei Cloud Thailand

Huawei Cloud: Regionless and Flexible Computing, the Cloud Architecture of the Future

Notably at the seminar, Huawei Cloud unveiled Huawei Cloud Overall Unified Cloud Architecture, a new architecture for future cloud services that fully supports Cloud Native Application. Huawei Cloud has also bolstered its Global Cloud Resource Orchestration & Scheduling (GOS), a cloud resource management automation solution that eliminates regional management issues. The Global Application and Database makes applications easier to use worldwide, allowing for reading and writing data from any region and improving usage efficiency. Cross-border network connectivity will be enhanced since the best route can be selected, helping reduce latency, minimize data corruption and lower network costs on the cloud. 

How Will Thai Businesses Truly Adopt Cloud Native Infrastructure?

Chatchawun Jongudomsombut, Senior Solutions Architect of Huawei Cloud Thailand

The growth of the CNCF is nothing short of remarkable. The Cloud Native has seen a massive uptick in growth and momentum. In 2022 alone, 157 projects were adopted for usage, with 187,000 contributors actively involved. Today, the Cloud Native has become the industry standard with Cloud Native adoption soaring to an impressive 80%. By 2025, a near-universal adoption of the Cloud Native is expected to reach almost 100% and container technology adoption is expected to surge significantly in 2024. 

Currently, Huawei Cloud has joined the CNCF in a bid to consistently innovate new technology for the cloud. This will elevate the Huawei Cloud user experience for software developers.   

Cloud Native Database: Cloud Native Database: A New Data Management Solution for Large-Scale Cloud Native Application

Another highlight at the seminar is a Cloud Native Database from Huawei Cloud called GaussDB Series.

GaussDB will help elevate Huawei Cloud to its peak optimization. While RSS/DSS services primarily focus on performance and cost-effectiveness, GaussDB is geared towards the support of global, large-scale Cloud Native Applications. This has prompted international banks to consider adopting GaussDB to replace the existing commercial database.

Huawei Cloud Pangu Model: The Real-World Application of AI from Huawei Cloud

Huawei Cloud also touted Huawei Cloud Pangu Model, an AI service designed to support operations in the business sector. Its readiness for deployment is one of the key advantages that sets it apart from other AI models. It offers Industry-Specific Model and Scenario-based Model, which are proven in real-world applications. Data storage and Deploy Model can be used either on-premises and the cloud. The AI Model can be tuned and programmed to precisely meet the needs of businesses.

Infinitas and iApp Share Huawei Cloud Service Experience

Infinitas has shared its experience of utilizing multicloud for the development of financial applications for banks, with Huawei Cloud being one of the chosen cloud systems. The company’s journey towards becoming the Cloud Native within multicloud environments presented some unique challenges.

To overcome these challenges, Infinitas maintained a continuous flow of knowledge exchange among teams and provided training sessions. Afterall, utilizing Cloud technology effectively requires understanding the technology, its conditions, and associated costs, Infinitas added.

iApp and the Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneur Association of Thailand (AIEAT) have also shared their insights into AI utilization in Thailand. They mentioned significant developments, exemplified by projects like OpenThaiGPT, enabling Thai businesses to leverage native AI models. Furthermore, they highlighted the emergence of generative AI-powered chatbots for automated stock news analysis in the modern era. Additionally, AI is being employed to generate summaries for stock and investment news, benefiting fund managers.

Both Infinitas and iApp have had positive experiences with Huawei Cloud. They have found the service reliable, collaborative efforts fruitful, and employee training effective. Also, Huawei Cloud’s presence of a data center in Thailand has significantly improved the responsiveness of their cloud utilization. Furthermore, they have noted that the pricing structure is more cost-effective compared to other public cloud services.

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