embedUR systems Inc., a leader in embedded systems and semiconductor firm Synaptics, are collaborating to demonstrate the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on tiny devices using low-power edge processors with integrated AI acceleration. Their first collaboration showcases Object Recognition with breakthrough performance on a battery-powered device, using the YOLO AI Image Segmentation model on Synaptics’ Edge AI-native Astra platform.

NUREMBERG, Germany, April 10, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — embedUR systems Inc., an innovation leader in the embedded systems industry has partnered with Synaptics, a California-based provider of Edge AI compute solutions for IoT, to revolutionize the edge computing landscape. The announcement was made at the Embedded World Conference 2024, held at Nuremberg, Germany, where both industry leaders showcased their new technology.

“Working closely with Synaptics, we were able to achieve a pioneering feat in edge computing. As partners, we look forward to unlocking many such possibilities together to enable AI in small low-power edge devices” John Marconi, VP Technology, embedUR systems, Inc.


Through combining forces, both embedUR and Synaptics aim to showcase to the world the full potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on low-power microcontroller edge processors that are integrated with neural processing units for AI acceleration. This strategic alliance between both companies marks a significant step towards empowering edge devices with advanced AI capabilities, aimed at catering to the growing demand for intelligent solutions for diverse real-world applications.


The integration of the YOLO (You Only Look Once) image segmentation AI model onto a Synaptics Astra device, was successfully completed jointly by embedUR’s software specialists and Synaptics’ engineers. embedUR experts optimized the data flows and used customized neural network layers, surpassing performance barriers previously experienced for AI running on tiny devices.

Commenting on the achievement, John Marconi, VP Technology, embedUR systems, said “This collective achievement by our teams emphasizes our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation at the edge. Working closely with Synaptics, we were able to achieve a pioneering feat in edge computing. As partners, we look forward to unlocking many such possibilities together in edge devices, by harnessing the synergies between embedUR and Synaptics teams.”

“We are excited to collaborate with embedUR and drive innovation together. Our partnership is a case study on how to apply Synaptics AstraTM AI-native IoT platform to demonstrate inferencing quickly and effectively on low-power Edge devices, using the Synaptics AI Toolkit,” said John Weil, VP IoT Processor Business, Synaptics. “We look forward to working with embedUR, empowering experts in both our teams to create intelligent solutions that deliver unparalleled efficiency and performance on a wide range of AI-infused applications.”

This successful development marks a significant milestone in the edge AI revolution, bringing transformative changes in how edge devices perceive and interact with the world. This will lead to a multitude of applications in many industries such as agriculture, automotive, healthcare, retail, industrial automation, infrastructure, and information technology.

Partnership between embedUR and Synaptics signifies a shared futuristic vision to create truly intelligent edge devices that can adapt to dynamic environments with precision and making real-time decisions efficiently. Both companies share their commitment to keep pushing boundaries for transformative innovation in edge AI.

embedUR is an innovation leader in the embedded technology space, partnering with all leading silicon vendors to enable IoT, connectivity, and edge AI solutions. As a self-funded organization, embedUR has sustained continuous annual growth over the last 20 years. The company operates multiple R&D centers with hundreds of engineers facilitating faster market entry and improved margins for clients through their embedded technology prowess.

For more information about embedUR and Synaptics’ collaborative efforts, visit them in person at the Embedded World Conference 2024. embedUR is in TinyML Booth Hall-2 #338, Synaptics is in booth #4A-259.

About embedUR:

embedUR systems (www.embedur.ai) headquartered in Silicon Valley is an innovation leader in the embedded systems industry. Established in 2004, the company, through its expertise has enabled its customers to launch products and solutions and provide support across markets and has grown to be partner-of-choice for many of its clients.

An expert in IoT, networking, cloud and AI, the company has leveraged its time-honed, bleeding-edge and unique capabilities to develop complex connectivity products and solutions across verticals including service provider, enterprise, industrial, medical, automotive, and more. embedUR’s solutions have been deployed in millions of devices across the world and benefit a global customer base that includes Fortune 500 companies.

As a self-funded organization with sustained annual growth, embedUR prides itself on its 100% client retention record. The company operates two R&D centers with a dedicated team of 350+ employees, facilitating faster market entry and improved margins for clients through their embedded technology prowess.

About Synaptics:

Synaptics (Nasdaq: SYNA) is changing the way humans engage with connected devices and data, engineering exceptional experiences throughout the home, at work, in the car and on the go. Synaptics is the partner of choice for the world’s most innovative intelligent system providers who are integrating multiple experiential technologies into platforms that make our digital lives more productive, insightful, secure and enjoyable. These customers are combining Synaptics’ differentiated technologies in touch, display and biometrics with a new generation of advanced connectivity and AI-enhanced video, vision, audio, speech and security processing.

Follow Synaptics on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, or visit www.synaptics.com

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