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, /PRNewswire/ — ; the founder and CEO of has been a marketing, advertising and Public Relation’s guru for years now. Writing for Forbes and managing multiple brands at Quarterly Global has made him the guru every client wants to have. Here are 8 pieces of advice every entrepreneur should know about social media and Public Relations (PR)

How to start writing for Forbes and Others?

Start with bylines and opinion pieces if you want to be accepted as a contributor on premium websites like Forbes, etc.

How to grow your Facebook page?

One of the best ways to grow your Facebook page and post reach organically is to actively participate in Facebook groups by answering questions from other members.

How to grow your Instagram?

Asking can be a great thing on Instagram. Ask people to Double Tap your posts. Quickest way to being an Instagram sensation is by being a part of loop giveaways by major brands and personalities.

How to grow your blog traffic?

Try publishing posts on your blog without too many web links inside the content. Google usually does not rank websites with high number of links in the article. Blogs that have DIY, How To’s and Free Guides and Advices usually perform better.

How to get more PR features on premium websites?

Premium websites usually tend to look at hooks and angles that entrepreneurs and Brands have. It is usually found in the journey of entrepreneurs and brands.

How to get verified badges on social media accounts?

Credible media coverages on Websites like Forbes, Business Insider, NYT, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and others help in getting verified badges on social media accounts. Having a Wikipedia page is a must if you are looking to get social media verified.

How to get a Wikipedia page?

Wikipedia is a great place to be on. Wikipedia too needs features and press releases from various publications of repute like Forbes, Business Insider, NYT, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and others.

What else can you do to grow your brands revenue?

Upselling is a great revenue enhancer for brands. Try working with brands who will use your services for a longer duration of times. Upsell your other related services.

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