Pitfalls of CRM

  • Data is stored centrally so it is important to keep a backup copy. If there are any issues or a problem with the server then this could be a disaster unless the necessary information can be retrieved
  • It can be easy to make too many assumptions about trends because, like many computerised processes and methodologies, it is easy to compartmentalise say, ‘lawyers’ and assuming that one customers needs, objectives and expectations are the same.
  • Unless the CRM system is updated regularly and all personnel whom it affects use it, then it will lose any potential gains. For example, if a particular sales person consistently fails to update and enter the latest information from their conversations, then actions and activities will not be completed which in turn can have a negative impact upon the customer and sales revenues.
  • It should be noted that the data can be copied or stolen by a disgruntled sales person or employee.