A Former Hacker and a Current CISO Face Off

In today’s world where entire workforces were forced to move to an entirely remote work environment overnight, IT security leaders are facing new cyber attacks every day. Not only have hackers and adversaries become more sophisticated over the past decades, the hastily distributed workforce has also opened doors for these cyber criminals to exploit this new, unfamiliar environment.

Hacker and IT security leaders face off all the time. But how often do you see a hacker and CISO sitting down together to discuss how to exploit – and protect – the new work-from-home (WFH) workforce?

Watch this webinar where former hacker Alissa Knight with Knight Ink and Tanium CISO Chris Hodson ‘face off’ in a lively discussion about:

  • The IT security challenges of the hastily transitioned WFH economy – and the opportunity it created for adversaries
  • How cyber criminals can exploit inexperienced remote employees – and how IT security teams can protect them
  • Why unified IT operations and security teams are better prepared to protect and defend their organization during times of crisis

Sponsored by Tanium.

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