For enterprise organizations, getting machine learning (ML) models to production and scaling use cases in the business has been a significant challenge. It is estimated that only about 12% of ML models make it to production environments today. To tackle this challenge, we released Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) MLOps — the most comprehensive and secure production ML platform, built on a 100% open-source standard and fully integrated with Cloudera Data Platform. CML breaks the wall to production and enables end-to-end ML workflows at scale.


  • Learn how CML’s MLOps functionality eliminates the model black box and drives secure, transparent ML workflows from data to experimentation to production at scale.
  • Experience CML’s robust and flexible model monitoring service for both technical metrics (latency, throughput, etc.) and the mathematical/functional monitoring — including first-class prediction tracking, metric stores, and Python SDK.
  • See how CML’s unique model cataloging and model lineage capabilities eliminate silos and lead to better, faster results.

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