In the current world, the inability to forecast manufacturing process or equipment failures has taken a high toll. While companies may have to bear high unplanned downtime costs every year, forward thinking manufacturers are dealing with this cost head-on by leveraging industrial internet-of-things (IoT) sensors, 5G connectivity, and big data to shift from a costly “repair and replace” approach to a stance of “predict and prevent.” However, a company may think of developing an effective predictive maintenance platform. But, by using data analytics, the breakdowns can be predicted and prevented, thereby reducing the overall downtime by 50 percent.

As you go through this eBook, you would know more about:

  • Predictive maintenance data management challenges
  • Considerations that limit successful predictive maintenance solutions
  • The IoT data lifecycle to enable predictive maintenance
  • How a company can benefit from the services offered by Cloudera


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