Steps to Installing Antivirus

  1. Install the software on each server or PC that has access to the internet. It may not be necessary to install the software on other PCs if they access the internet via your main server.
  1. You need to consider remote or mobile workers or workers that use laptop computers. They will need the antivirus software installed on their systems too.
  1. Once the above has been achieved, check for updates via the internet. Go to the main menu for your software and select updates. If there are any, then it will simply and automatically download on to your PC.
  1. The next step is to run the antivirus in order to make sure that there aren’t any viruses or other malware on the PCs.
  1. In most packages is it possible to set a time for your software to automatically check for updates and then check for viruses. You may wish to set this to weekends or evenings as this activity, while working in background and allowing users to continue to work, can still effect the performance of your PC or server.
  1. It is important to have a plan in place that helps your organisation to react to a virus and recover. When putting this plan together you need to ensure the following:
    • Make sure that all servers and PCs have the latest antivirus  updates.
    • New viruses are constantly emerging and can spread via the internet extremely quickly so keeping your antivirus updated regularly is critical.
    • If your systems are not updated regularly, your organisation could be at risk from a virus attack.
    • Make sure that you carry out a virus scan every time you make any changes to your server or PC such as adding new software or users.
    • Provide users with instructions on what to do should there be a virus before a relevant update is available to the antivirus package.
    • This may include stopping access to the internet and ensuring that no other emails are sent internally or externally via the internet.
    • Let your suppliers and organisations that your business is in regular contact with know of the incident.
    • Notify your supplier of the antivirus of the issue and they will be able to help.
  1. Administration training – plan for half a day. You will need to choose an individual to learn how to add extra users, download updates and check for viruses.
  1. User training. This is simply to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the antivirus package and to help them set it up in order to meet their requirements.