Pitfalls of Antivirus

  • Some antivirus packages can slow down the speed of your PC or network.
  • Antivirus software can require a great deal of hard disk and memory.
  • Antivirus software needs to be updated regularly. It is very important that the antivirus software is updated, preferably on a daily basis, because new viruses and malware are developed and the antivirus vendors will develop counter measures to deal with them. This can be achieved by automatically connecting to your supplier’s website via the internet and downloading the necessary files. You can normally set this up to happen automatically.
  • Antivirus checks must to be run regularly. Again, ideally you should run your antivirus software daily as internet access and email can potentially cause problems.
  • Not all antivirus software is capable of being effective at dealing with viruses, spyware and adware so you may need to run two or more packages. However, be sure that you are not running two systems that conflict and prevent each other working properly.